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Before you get in touch, please read our FAQ of commonly asked questions! See here for information about Shipping and Returns information.


All packaging is sourced within the UK and amazon-free. All cardboard and paper products are home recyclable. Stickers and card clasps are not currently recyclable, but we are looking in to alternatives for this.

Information regarding the compostable print bags:

They are made from corn starch and are these are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down into CO2 and H2O.

At a constant 58°C, it takes approx 45 days to decompose.
The bio-film is manufactured by a company in Germany and then made into bags in the UK.
These bags are derived from corn starch which comes from an annually renewable crop. As opposed to fossil fuel derived oil based plastics which are non renewable.

Information regarding cards:

All cards are printed on FSC certified paper. The paper used is crafted from ECF certified wood-free pulp and is 100% recyclable. 

Information regarding pins:

Enamel pins are manufactured in China from a fully audited, safe working environment factory. Further information on the factory can be provided upon request.

If you have any additional questions regarding ethics please feel free to email us at

Collaborations, Licensing and Commissions:

We love collaborating and working with other brands at Little Black Cat! Please get in touch via email at with ideas and briefs and Sarah will reply to you promptly. At this time we do not do private commissions for wedding stationary, portraits, etc. 

If you are interested in licensing, we are happy to send our catalogue on request.


If you would like to get our work tattooed on your body we think thats really cool - we kindly ask you please let us know and do not tattoo anything without permission


Our prints are designed to fit frames that are commonly sold in most homeware stores. You can buy frames with and without mounts. A google search of 'A5' 'A4' or 'A3' frames will garner lots of results at different price points to choose from! Our favourite affordable A5/A4/A3 frames are IKEA 'Ribba' frames.

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